Soundbites Audio Branding 101

August 3, 2023

Soundbites: Audio Branding 101

Since the dawn of advertising, there has been audio branding. Though the terms we use may be new, the strategic use of sound is not. Brands have been using music to increase recall and memorability among their consumers for decades. You may be familiar with jingles, which have been around since the early days of radio. We've come a long way since the jingle, and as the worlds of branding and advertising evolved, so did the strategic use of sound.

Today, audio branding is its own industry, working in lock step with creative agencies or directly with brands themselves - to develop strategic systems of original music, sound and voice. All measured by data and proven to amplify the emotional connection with your consumer, elevate brand lift, increase recall and memorability.

Audio branding agencies exist at the intersection of art and science to interpret a brand's fundamentals and translate them into an iconic system of sound - designed to speak to the essence of who you are as a brand, what you stand for, and most importantly, who you're speaking to. So, what actually goes into an audio brand?

A flexible set of original audio assets created for your brand and designed to integrate seamlessly into your content, communications, and marketing touchpoints. When it comes to an audio brand, there is no one size fits all. It could include an audio logo, brand anthem, original music catalogs, SFX, product and UI/UX sounds, voiceover, even podcasts.

Anywhere you can make sound, is where your audio brand should live. Connecting with consumers in 3 seconds or less... without any visual support. Ensuring that every sound-on touchpoints, whether that's a commercial for broadcast, your next social campaign, or an in-store experience, is delivering sound that is on-brand and emotionally on point.

What does your brand sound like?