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A time-tested strategy and a must-have for modern marketing, audio branding is the sound of your brand come to life. From audio logos to branded music, original sound effects, melody, voice, jingles, and more, audio branding associates a particular sound with a product or service across all consumer touchpoints.

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Our comprehensive audio branding solutions encompass every aspect of your brand's sonic DNA. From captivating audio logos to immersive brand music and beyond, we'll help you craft a cohesive sonic identity that aligns seamlessly with your brand's values and messaging. Create unforgettable experiences that emotionally connect with your audience, drive attribution, elevate brand lift, and influence purchase behavior.

Sonic Branding

Your brand's ecosystem of sound assets created to amplify your message anywhere your brand is heard.

Trend Analysis Forecasting

Drawing on the latest trends in audio, multimedia, and technology to bring future solutions to your brand today.

Emotional Resonance Mapping

Predictive AI and premarket testing to ensure you are striking the right chord for the right emotional impact.

Audio Brand Guidelines

The roadmap for how your brand includes sound as part of a fundamental brand pyramid and comprehensive marketing mix.

Audio Experience Strategy

End-to-end sound solutions designed across all of your consumer touchpoints designed specifically for your brand.

Voice Strategy

A memorable and consistent vocal identity for your brand's communication shaping resonance across all media touchpoints.

Multi-Sensory Marketing

Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell come together to create immersive experiences meant to excite the senses and drive dramatic results.

Cross Channel Integration

Omnichannel strategies designed to cut across formats and devices to reach your target audience where they are.

Audio Tool Kit

Your brand's audio tool kit is a strategic collection of assets that empower the brand to deliver the right emotion at every touchpoint.

Audio Logo

Say hello to your brand's sonic calling card. An audio logo is a concise and distinctive sound or melody that represents your brand, ensuring immediate brand recognition with more than 90% of consumers.

Branded Content

Audio-based storytelling, podcasts, and music playlists created for the brand that seamlessly integrate the brand's messaging and values across all media touchpoints.

Brand Music Catalog

A universal language that is able to trigger 13 primary emotional categories in humans, music is a powerful medium that builds fundamental belief in your brand. A strategic music catalog increases your brand's recall by 96%.

Sonic UI/UX

Enhance user experiences and contribute by creating intuitive interactions that evoke positive emotions and enhance brand affinity. Forge deeper connections with your audience while being Interactive, immersive, and responsive.


The right voice can bring your brand to life and create lasting emotional connections with your audience. Our voice services encompass everything from talent casting to scriptwriting, ensuring that every spoken word resonates with your audience and reinforces your brand's identity and values.


Strategically harness sound and audio technology to create captivating experiences for consumers, integrating high-quality elements like music, sound effects, and voiceovers across touchpoints.


A brand soundscape is a carefully curated auditory environment consisting of music, sound effects, and voice elements that uniquely represent a brand and evoke specific emotions or associations in consumers, used across various touchpoints such as advertising campaigns, retail stores, online platforms, and events.

Brand Theme

A brand theme is a cohesive and recognizable narrative or motif that encapsulates the essence of a brand's identity and values, often used in marketing campaigns, branding materials, and communication strategies to convey a consistent message and evoke desired emotions in consumers.

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We produce creative solutions, backed by science, to help you make sound decisions. Drive attribution, elevate brand lift, create instant brand recognition, increase impressions, and create meaningful impact across all of your consumer touch points.


A global force in audio trends, podcasts let you reach your target consumer through an intimate communication strategy. From branded podcasts to advertising, dynamic ad placement and beyond, podcasts create lasting brand loyalty.


Harness the power of sound through a universal language, music! From music supervision to original compositions, music drives immediate emotional connections with the people who matter the most.