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Audio Branding

The sound of your brand, personified. A time-tested strategy and a must-have tool for modern marketing, audio branding is the sound of your brand come to life. From audio logos, branded music, original sound effects, melody, voice, or jingle, audio branding associates a particular sound with a product or service.

  • Strategy
  • Sonic Identity
  • Audio Logo
  • Brand Music
  • Sonic UI/UX
  • Voice
  • Talent Casting

Advertising & Communications

We produce creative solutions, backed by science, to help you make sound decisions. Harness the power of sound to drive attribution, elevate brand lift, create instant brand recognition, increase impressions, and create meaningful impact across all of your consumer touch points.

  • Brand & Campaign Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Predictive AI
  • Testing
  • Audio Production
  • Talent Casting
  • SFX Production
  • Foley
  • Product Sound Sampling
  • Post Production
  • Mix to Picture
  • Sound Design
  • Pre-Market Testing
  • Ad Trafficking
  • Campaign Performance Measurement


Harness the power of sound through a universal language - music! From music supervision to original compositions, music drives immediate emotional connections with the people who matter the most.

  • Strategy
  • Music Supervision
  • Music Composition
  • Music Production
  • Branded Original Music
  • Artist Endorsement
  • Library Music


A global force in audio trends, podcasts let you reach your target consumer through an intimate one-on-one communication strategy. From branded podcasts to advertising and dynamic ad placement, podcasts help identify your tribe and reach them where they are to create lasting brand loyalty.

  • Podcast Strategy
  • Story Writing
  • Podcast Production
  • Distribution
  • Advertising
  • Dynamic Ad Placement
  • Enterprise Communications
  • Data & Analytics


Deep dive into all things audio with our strategic consulting services. Explore the possibilities of a comprehensive audio strategy from audio branding to asset usage and beyond.

  • Tailored Solutions
  • State of the Industry
  • Statistics, Data, & Analytics
  • Professional Advice & Guidance
  • Actionable Recommendations & Strategy
  • Asset Usage & Management
  • Marketing & Strategy
GIF of two women recording a podcast.

Audio Ecosystem

Creative elements for sound on enviornments.

An icon representing marketing data and analytics.


The heart of what we do! Our strategy and consulting services can help you harness the power of sound by drawing on the power of art and science.

  • Consulting
  • Data & Analytics
  • Research
  • Market Testing
  • Execution
  • Predictive AI
  • Asset Use
  • Tested by Veritonic
  • Distribution
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Drawing from every element of our ecosystem, audio branding is the sound of your brand across all touch points and sound on environments for the life of your brand pyramid.

  • Audio Brand Book
  • Audio Logos
  • Guiding Principles
  • Audio Tags
  • Brand Fundamentals
  • Brand Theme
  • Usage Guides
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Music Catalogue
  • Banded Sound FX
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An eighth note.


Connect with your target audiences through the power of music. Create instant brand recognition, drive attribution, and be heard through the noise.

  • Composition
  • Library Music
  • Music Production
  • Stock Music
  • Music Supervision
  • Advertising
  • Licensing & Clearance
  • Music for Podcast
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An icon representing podcast.


Share our story one-on-one with the audiences that mean the most. A dominant force in the audio space, podcasts build relationships, drive engagement, and deliver your message on your terms.

  • Branded Podcasts
  • Story Design
  • Multiple Formats
  • Script Writing
  • Story Podcasts
  • Copywriting
  • Pod-preneurs
  • Content Creation
  • Podcast Advertising
  • Audience Development
  • Audience Development
  • Audio Tags
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An icon representing settings and levels.


The element that brings your brand to life. Our sound services represent a wide range of technical areas designed to elevate your assets to the next level.

  • UI/UX
  • Sound Design
  • Product Sound
  • Sound FX
  • Mixing
  • Foley
  • Mastering
  • On Site Capture
  • Audio Post Production
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An icon representing the human voice.


The human connection that drives your messaging. Our voice services create lasting impact for brands seeking to make personal connections.

  • Voice Over
  • Audio Book
  • Talent Casting
  • Directing
  • ADR
  • Voice Assistant
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